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Getting the most out of your osteopathy consults

With a combined level of experience of 35 years here at Willsmere Health we sat around the other day discussing this question. So here are our top tips for getting the most out of your consults. 1) Be realistic about the length of time it will take to heal One of our favorite analogies is the example of going to the GP with the flu, once diagnosed you don't expect to walk out of their office without the flu. It is the same with your musculo-skeletal and pain issues. A diagnosis is made, then a plan of action is determined that begins the healing process, not an instant fix. This leads onto the next tip. 2) Commit to the treatment plan Keeping to your treatment plan and following any advice for rehab or lifestyle changes will give you the best chance at resolution. Too often we have seen people do the opposite and become frustrated with their lack of progress. 3) Do your exercises and take on advice As stated above, this is a big part of your treatment plan. If you are having problems completing your exercise or advice tell your osteopath and we can work on strategies to help you complete them. Why? Because we know that passive therapies (eg, massage, manipulation) are not effective long term. The active therapies and lifestyle changes we recommend to you are important!

A Final Thought There are 10,080 minutes in a week, on average we see a patient for 30 of these minutes in a week. To put that in perspective we might see you for 0.002% of the week! Which makes what you do outside the clinic so important. Ultimately, you are in charge of your personal recovery and long-term well being. We are here to help you along the way!

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